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The introduction of a specialist Strategy and Marketing business unit within the AVIV has consolidated its position as a top tier consultancy.

The department combines professionals with hands-on industry experience and some of the world’s most advanced strategic thinking, so clients are able to develop their value proposition.

Working with CEO’s and marketing teams, consultants are trained to find the balance between achieving sustainable growth and managing risk within a framework of realistic goals.

It is this experience and knowledge that informs clear-sighted decision making which in turn adds value across the organization and impact on the balance sheet.

Strategic marketing services can be requested either as a stand-alone service or as part of a wider integrated service offering according to the needs of your business:

Market research – with a focus on the complexity of market competition and positioning

Commercial planning – development and review of revenue models to increase revenue, profitability and market share

Partnership marketing – identification of strategic partners, sales channels and routes to market

Regulatory planning – clarification of strategy according to legislative or political changes

Strategic optimisation – preparation of business plan for organizational expansion through
capacity building and operational deployment

Brand innovation – development of brand activities to increase footprint

Mergers and acquisition – achieving strategic and operational advantage

All solutions are tailored taking into account the client’s size, requirements and resources.
Projects usually take a client to the point of operational implementation.


AVIV projects range across public and private sectors.
Clients also include not-for-profit agencies looking to increase their social impact.